Clara Berry x Adidas & Zalando

#endplasticwaste #berrytrash

Clara Berry joins efforts with Adidas and Zalando to make the world a better place. Together with her friends and dozens of volunteers she cleaned the streets of Paris from plastic trash and participated in the masterclass on how the plastic is transformed and reused. Project carried out for the launch of #cleanclassics line by Adidas in partnership with Zalando.



Clara Berry has long been speaking up to #endplasticwaste, organising actions to clean trash from ocean shores, cities and villages where she happened to stay. Her initiative was taken up by hundreds of people around the world and become known with #berrytrash hashtag. This summer on the occasion of the launch of the new #CleanClassics line made out of recycled plastic Adidas and Zalando decided to partner with Clara to clean the streets of French capital from plastic garbage.

It’s all about joining forces

One shoe alone won’t save the planet, but our actions can

Dozens of people joined the initiative and came to Canal Saint Martin on Saturday morning. With all the restrictions respected, volunteers spent a couple of hours helping Clara and her friends to gather trash. To make it even more meaningful, Adidas and Zalando organised a demonstration and showed how the picked trash is transformed into ready-to-use objects.

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