Gucci reveals Harry Styles collaboration with a 70s flair

Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele present: Gucci HA HA HA

Gucci has recently taken a key role in high-end fashion collaborations as it keeps expanding its world, partaking in a "hack" with Balenciaga, a collaboration with Adidas, Supergucci, and more. Now, the brand has named Harry Styles as its newest collaborator. Styles and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele collaborated on a 25-look collection, Gucci HA HA HA, named after Harry and Alessandro's initials, which is supposed to be representative of their relationship and their eccentricities. The exciting collaboration, revealed at a press conference in Milan, follows the brand’s updated strategy, in which it established a sales objective of €15 billion per year, up from €9.7 billion last year.

“It’s something easy, it’s a little experiment I did with Harry, a friend of mine and it belongs to the space we share – the passion for clothes and things,” explains Michele. Harry Styles is already a brand ambassador for Gucci; he has starred in their commercial campaigns and walked the Met Gala’s red carpet alongside Michele. Excited about the collaboration, Michele notes that traditional masculine stereotypes were more about attitude than apparel and that Harry “does what he wants without judgment. It’s a new way to be on the playground with no rules. It’s interesting to be authentic.”

The collection is inspired by the same whimsical nostalgia for 1970s bohemia that has come to characterise Michele’s reign at Gucci and made Styles a fashion icon. The collection was revealed at a special event during Milan Fashion Week for menswear which Gucci sees as a new focus for growth. Expect classic English and Italian patterns blended with whimsical prints and grumpy bear, a character chosen by Styles and Michele as the symbol of their friendship and collaboration.

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