Hanna Lhoumeau & Pomellato in Vogue

What jewels to wear for the first date?

The online sales platform Vestiaire Collective partnered with the Italian jewellery house Pomellato to celebrate love and please all those in love with beautiful things on the occasion of St Valentine's Day. And to make the collaboration even more meaningful, Pomellato has chosen true jewellery lovers to present it, among those – Hanna Lhoumeau. For the occasion, the young Parisian talks about her love for colourful jewellery.

Hanna Lhoumeau x Vogue

Which jewel in the collection did you fall in love with at first sight?
The Nudo Deep Blue ring is my absolute favourite!

Which jewels to wear for the first date?
Something elegant and discreet at the same time. I would choose Pomellato Iconica for the first date.

An address for a first date?
An Italian restaurant like Racines located in the Passage des Panoramas.

Speaking about the jewels, what would you prefer, have timeless pieces once for the whole life or change them every day?
If I love something, it’s once and for life.

Which stone represents love for you?
Obsidian, black and enigmatic as love.

And the one that brings you luck?
An emerald. I wear it whenever I have an important appointment.

The gem to give as a gift to declare your love?

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