Latest Collaborations at V Management

Chaumet, Jimmy Choo and more...

V Management is dedicated to providing high-quality content and excellent talent management, allowing us to work with some of the most well-known fashion industry names. Our agency works with prestigious brands like as Chaumet, Jimmy Choo, Swarovski, and others. Partnerships are becoming more vibrant and colourful as summer approaches, and our talents are always ready to share their new projects and press trips with their audience. View some of our most recent collaborations.

Anja was thrilled to expose her audience to the world of sustainable jewellery with Courbet. All of their jewellery is made from recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds with the same properties as natural diamonds. #sustainablejewellery

Having worked with many influential fashion brands, Cheyenne regularly collaborates with Jimmy Choo and was invited to join the brand in Saint-Tropez.

For her collaboration with Swarovski, Franziska matched her jewellery to her personal style, which included a timeless dress and a statement necklace.

Zoïa loved sharing her experience with L’Artisan Parfumeur, and got to try out their vegetable-inspired fragrances.

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