Mara Lafontan collaborates with Elle France and Simone Pérèle.

Mara Lafontan X ELLE France & Simone Pérèle
#InsideV By Simone Pérèle

Mara Lafontan united with Elle France and Simone Pérèle to introduce fans to a day in her life in France and what it means to be a confident woman. Mara’s philosophy is simple, “be yourself, the French way,” which she applies to everything she creates.

Confident Mara Lafontan

She started her career behind the camera as a photographer, eventually realizing she also belonged in the limelight. Her fascination with fashion confirmed her journey would be in whichever direction the camera was. “I’ve always been interested in the world of fashion. My mum was a huge inspiration to me,” says Mara. “Fashion is also such an important subject in France. I remember that even as a young teenager, I was very aware of what our style says about us. For me, fashion has always been an important form of expression, changing with how I feel and what I want to convey each day.”

Credits: Photography/ video, @olivloz @boulawayne

Confident Mara Lafontan

A traveller and explorer, Mara has visited almost all of the fashion capitals around the world. “I’m very influenced by my environment. I’m always myself, but I play with the conventions. As for makeup, in London, I don’t leave the house without eyeliner. In Paris, I’ll wear only very red lipstick. In Los Angeles, barely anything, just sun-kissed skin,” says Mara. However, regardless of her travels and trends surrounding each continent, Mara refuses to conform to any societal fashions and in-vogue looks for the sake of just being a part of something. “You’ll never see a French woman wear something she doesn’t feel good in just because it’s the latest trend.” Mara believes “it’s difficult to stay true to yourself with the constant pressure from society to be the best version of ourselves. With time, I have realised that I have my own unique values, and I decided not to lose sight of this, by continuing to share as much as possible.”

For Mara, the new Simone collection is more than just a clothing line. “It makes me want to be my best self and be a new person that day. It calls for something new, it calls to my deepest self, which is strong and not afraid.” Her final and thoughtful message to the crew comes from within, “whatever life throws at us, we can always choose how we respond. We have our whole lives to become who we really are, with no pressure, and it is essential to see the beauty in each day.

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