Mathilde Marsal Q&A

6 Things You Should Know About Mathilde Marsal
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From performing with Eminem to revealing how she prepares for a big show, here are six things you should know about violinist and V Girl Mathilde Marsal.

Mathilde Marsal

Mathilde Marsal is a violinist with five master’s degrees and has performed with Eminem. She has been thriving in the music industry for a while, and her music is simply captivating, beguiling, and an oeuvre.

To honor having Mathilde on board, we sat down with her in Le Sinner Paris to find out more about her professional background. From talking about music and fashion to icons from the past, here are six new facts about Mathilde Marsal.

If you had to introduce yourself to impress an audience of thousands, what would you say?

“I would start playing rather than speaking, because I think that my playing is just a reflection of myself. I studied all this music in different schools all over the world – from New York to Milan and London, and I have five masters degrees, so I studied quite a lot. I’m happy to share my music with the world.”

How has music impacted your life?

“I think that music had a big impact on my life. I created all my life around music – from a young age when I was a kid, it was just obvious that I wanted to be an artist, a musician and be on stage.”

How much correlation do you think there is between music and fashion?

“I think there is a big correlation between music and fashion. They are both ways of expression. They say a lot about who you are, your personality – they define you, your style and character. They are both really interconnected.” 

You get to bring back one musician from the past, who would it be and why?

“It would be Franz Schubert. I think it’s just the climax of the romanticism, and it’s very emotional for me – the way he composes, I just relate a lot with myself and my way of composing with all the harmonies. Also, I admire him a lot because he was so prolific: he composed 10 symphonies, more than 200 pieces for music, and he died when he was 31, so kind of a young Mozart.”

How do you prepare for a big show?

“When I prepare for a big show, I try to stay focused – that’s really important. It’s sometimes hard to do of course, but it’s about trying to be in the zone and trying to have a healthy life. Have good sleep, food and meditation, all really important before a big show. I try to imagine myself already on the stage playing the piece of music that I have to play. I try to get used to the feelings, the idea of being seen, being on stage and trying to control my fear. I also try technically to really play slowly all the music I have to play – like that I can go on stage in peace.”

Proudest career moment?

“On top of the list is definitely the concert I played with Eminem. It was really crazy energy and adrenaline – we played in front of 100,000 people, and I was in an orchestra of five women. As artists we just live for that moment, and we try to reproduce it everytime we go on stage – hopefully very soon it comes back.”  

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