Mon Paris with Constance Arnoult

Discovering Paris
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#VGirl Constance Arnoult shows us around her Paris with its hidden places, authentic bookshops and local markets. After arriving to the French capital a couple of years ago, the newly born Parisian has chosen Quartier Latin as her primary base – Jardin du Luxembourg, Panthéon, boulevard Saint-Michel and Sorbonne University, of course. This time Constance will cross the frontiers of the 5th Arrondissement for a coffee in St. Germain and a brunch in Marais and will show us how to best spend a day in the city.

Mon Paris x Constance

We start our journey in Jardin du Luxembourg, then follow boulevard Saint-Michel to get to the Librairie cinéma du Panthéon, wander around Saint-Sulpice in search of the “Bateau Ivre” by Arthur Rimbeau, take a cup of coffee in one of the cafés of the rue Canette. And finally, settle down in Marais for a brunch.

Talent: Constance Arnoult • @constancearnoult | Artistic Director: Lisa Volkova • @blue_idol | Cameraman: Jeremy Razasan • @razasan_ | Editor: James Dingle • @james_inmotion

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