The era of automotive influencer marketing

Maserati, Bentley Motors and more luxury carmakers are partnering with influencers

As luxury car brands are rebranding themselves into lifestyle brands, they are moving into a new era of collaborations, prioritising fashion and lifestyle influencer marketing. Unless they are car enthusiasts, most people are unlikely to be up to date on the latest automotive news and aren't always knowledgeable when it comes to deciding which vehicle to buy. This is where social media influencers come into play, as car manufacturers will spark the interest of people who would not have noticed their product otherwise.

Statista reports that social media personalities influence 72 percent of customer purchase decisions. Influencers have already carved out a niche for themselves, and their followers are more likely to take their advice.

Collaboration with a content creator allows a brand to be portrayed in a new and innovative light while also becoming a part of the creator’s story. “Many car companies have a very strong brand, and we live in an era where brand storytelling is more powerful than just having an archive of lines and shapes coming from an atelier,” says Rocco Iannone to Vogue Business on how automotive brands are turning into lifestyle brands.

Content creators understand who looks up to them and how to continue to inspire them. They also understand how to promote products in an original and approachable manner, as well as how to personalise content in a way that is authentic to them. “I love movement, coming from a dance background, so any time I can incorporate it into my work I love it. A car in motion and a dancer in motion gels super well and feels so right.” Sam Salter on working with Maserati.

Content creators specialise in developing interesting material and establishing trends. What better approach to get people’s attention than to be ahead of the curve? Influencer marketing provides a return on investment (ROI) that is comparable to or greater than that of other marketing tactics.

Influencer marketing is among the most effective digital marketing methods. Knowing and comprehending the advantages of influencer marketing can help vehicle businesses expand as people become more reliant on social media platforms when making purchases.

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