V Girls x Liu Jo

Clara Berry & Mara LaFontan for Liu Jo
#LiuJoBetterDenim #Sustainability

As the fashion industry shifts into embodying sustainability in daily routines and processes, Liu Jo welcomes #VGirls Clara Berry and Mara LaFontan to explore their roots in Portugal while donning the #LiuJoBetterDenim collection.

Clara Berry & Mara LaFontan for Liu Jo


Less chemicals, less water and energy -what better way to start an environmentally conscious journey? Even more so, our very own talents Clara and Mara couldn’t be more fitting for this story. Mara believes, “clothing is more than just about dressing up, it’s a real choice and testimony of the changes we want to see in the world.” As for Clara, she’s long been a champion in rooting to #endplasticwaste, as previously mentioned here at V Management.

It’s about working towards a better future

Nostalgia has made an appearance this year, following the COVID-19 epidemic. While the world collectively and eagerly reminisced about the past, Clara and Mara found depth and understanding of their roots on the Liu Jo trip to Portugal. Their inner adolescence was brought to life as they exuded playfulness and joy during their visit.

We truly value our partnership with @LiuJo to tell the story of sustainability and nostalgia for this collaboration. Our visit to Portugal in such unusual times enhanced the meaning behind this campaign. We aim to build a better planet for the future with a discerning mind.

Credits: Content Producer & Artistic Director: Lisa Volkova, Photographer: Oksana Giroud, Videographer: Jeremy Razasan, Editor: James Dingle

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