Hanna Lhoumeau in a special project for Nike
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Inspired by the decade old Nike campaign "Write the future" launched on the occasion of the World Cup 2010, V Management decided to rethink the slogan in the light of the fight for women empowerment and equal opportunities for everyone. To do so, we partnered with the Parisian director Rayane Mghezzi and the photographer Sahim Ahmed to explore the fight itself — box.

Hanna Lhoumeau x Nike

Today you have the possibility to become who you want

We have never been closer to it. Millions of people all over the world have now access to education, sports facilities and culture and their number is growing. However, today we still witness major disparities. A lot of people have still far less chances to succeed in life because of their gender, skin colour or convictions. In this sense, the year 2020 has become particularly revealing, challenging in this or that way each single one of us. Thinking of our future in this context, we decided to look closer to our everyday fights and victories that we accomplish on personal level but which then drive the global change in the world.

“Make yourself unstoppable”

Who is your enemy?

“You are your enemy.” No matter whether you are in the gym, at work or at school, the first thing you need to defeat and overcome is usually your own fears. This is what this project is about. Your fight to become the better version of yourself and make yourself unstoppable.


Director @rayanemgh
Production @itsvmanagement
Artistic director @blue_idol
Ass.Director @leaneparin21
Producer & Audio @araujo_lvs
Photographer @sam.visions
Voice @justinesaa
Light @raphael.gtr 
MUA @lila_drogo_mua
Voice over @andreasavoye

P.S. Huge thanks to @lecercleboxing for having us at their amazing space.

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