Temi Otedola

After her debut as a lead character in Netflix Original Movie ‘Citation’, the Nigerian actress and social media sensation Temi Otedola stays in the spotlight. Initially starting her JTO blog in 2014, Temi set the goal to become a bridge between Africa and Global Luxury Fashion, Beauty, Art and Culture. She never hesitates to showcase the work of young talented designers from Africa. Recently, Temi also started a podcast ‘How Far’ that immediately reached Number One in the charts in Africa and on Apple Podcasts. With a great understanding of the challenges faced by our generation, Temi is also an activist for women rights across Africa and a global ambassador of the ‘Women At Risk Foundation’ denouncing violence and sexual misconduct.

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Temi x Etro
Temi Otedola x V Management
Temi Otedola x V Management
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